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Overview of Information from Insurance Company to Customer - Information Maps
Information sent from an Insurance Company to a Customer. Overview.

IM-ComCli is an application that allows Insurance Companies to distribute information to their customers
in a unified way.

A single file contains all information and activities of a customer during the past month and from the beginning of the year.

This single file can be used for
  • Reporting
  • Analysis
  • Archival
  • Online collaboration
  • Information updating
  • Informing about new products and services
  • Unifying communication between Insurance Company and Customer
It is an application developed using C#.NET WinForms for LAN, PC, and ultrabook

There is also a ASP.NET version created to be used directly on the Internet.

Information Maps created by IM-ComCli can be visualized using the free viewers Mind Manager (Desktop) or Connect (Internet)

Information Maps are created from xml files containing information extracted from the Data Bases of the Insurance Company.

xml files can be created directly by the Insurance Company or using programs developed by Infoseg.

The Information Map file can include any number of attachments (PDFs of Policies, Receipts, Claims, etc.)

  • Infoseg provides to the Insurance Company a model xml file

  • The Insurance Company creates a program to extract information from its databases in the xml format

  • The program can be created by the Insurance Company or by Infoseg

  • Periodically the Insurance Company extracts information and creates a xml file containing the information of
    some selected Customers or all

  • The xml file is processed by IM-ComCli

  • An Information Map is created for each Customer. Each Information Map is a single small file with extension .mmap

  • The Information Map file is sent to the Customer by email or uploaded to a Web site

  • The Customer receives the Information Map by email or downloads it from the Web site

  • The Customer downloads the free Mind Manager viewer from http://www.mindjet.com/

  • The Customer can examine the Information Map, print it or modify it (in case of having the full version of Mind Manager)

  • Optionally, the Customer can send the file to his Connect account on the Internet and share it with other people

  • The Information Map can be stored on disk for archival purposes

  • The system allows more advanced uses of the Information Map

  • Solve the problems of their Customers to manage their insurance policies, receipts and claims

  • Facilitate the management of the information of their Customers inside the Company

  • Foster Customer loyalty

  • Stand out from their competitors

  • No need to modify their IT resources

  • Reduce their workload

  • Improve their Sales Teams' performance and control

  • Improve their image with Customers and Competitors

  • Very fast implementation

  • Easy creation of a powerful collaboration system on the Internet to work with Customers, Insurance Brokers and Claims Adjusters

  • Includes an information system for new products and services of the Insurance Company

Policies - Information Map
Grouping of information in Policies

Policies Detail - Information Map
Transactions of Policies in the last month

Policies Detail - Information Map
Detail of Policies issued last month

Policies Detail - Information Map
Detail of current status of the Policies of the customer

Receipts Detail - Information Map
Detail of pending Receipts at the end of last month

Policy Detail - Information Map
Detail of a Policy as a PDF file

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